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Planning your perfect kichen

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Kitchen planning need not be as stressful as you think and it is easy to make the space to ensure that everything you need fits in the right place and suits your culinary needs to a tee.

Measuring Up

First of all it is important to know exactly how much space there is to work with, before deciding what is going in and where. This could be either in an empty shell of a room if you have just
moved in, or within an existing kitchen area which needs re-designing.

What you need;

A sharp pencil
A rubber
A3/4 size graph paper (depending on the size of your kitchen)
A ruler
Measuring tape

Creating your Kitchen Floor Plan

1. Start with the Ceiling to floor measurements

If your wall is not the same height it may be necessary to measure at different points across it.

2. Measure the width of the walls

Likewise, measure … Read More »

Different Types Of Kitchen Layout

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Choosing the right layout for your kitchen is crucial to the how you cook, eat and socialise in this area. An efficient layout can improve the food you make and ultimately the enjoyment of this room for all your family. Choose one which suits your home and needs.

1. The One- Walled Kitchen

This layout is particularly common in smaller homes or apartments. As the name suggests it consists of one wall, across the back with all you appliances in a row and often integrated. Usually the sink is in the middle with cooker on one side and refrigerator on the other.

Pros: Efficient, takes up less space, easy to install.

Cons: Lack of space, unsociable and can become overcrowded with appliances.

2. Galley Kitchen

This is a “corridor” shaped kitchen where appliances line the walls on both sides of a gangway. This can lead to … Read More »

5 Inventions That Changed Our Kitchens Forever

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They have become the staple of many modern kitchen but where did they come from and what on earth would we do without them?

The Microwave

Invented by accident, the microwave has become one of the most important devices in modern kitchens. During the Second World War, Percy Spencer was making radar sets for the the US navy. While stood directly in front of one he noticed that the “candy bar” in his pocket had melted, caused by its close to the device. Intrigued, he set about heating other food, such as popcorn and by 1945 had patented his first oven, which stood 6ft tall and cost $5000. It wasn’t until the late Sixties that microwave ovens became affordable and reasonably sized. The first unit was sold in the UK in 1974 and has since revolutionised our eating habits.

The Electric Kettle

Stove top … Read More »

Considerations When Planning A kitchen

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The boring measuring up is done and the layout has been decided. Now it’s time to plan your new kitchen! The exciting part is about to begin! There are many things you need to consider before getting the installation team in to make it into reality.

1. Flooring

The first thing you need to consider is what type of flooring do you want? This will be the initial task that you or the design team will have to do once the old kitchen has been stripped out in readiness for the new one.
Pros: Warm, homely, can match an overall colour scheme. Affordable and slip resistant.
Cons:  Collects dirt and mould easily. Harder to clean as food and bits can easily stick into the carpet. Prone to staining if something is spilt on it.

Wooden Flooring
Pros: Easy on the eye, durable, long-lasting if well maintained, … Read More »

10 Useful Kitchen safety tips… (if you have kids!)

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Here are ten top tips to remember around the kitchen if you have young ‘ens around!

1. Put childproof locks on all cupboards, cabinets and ovens, so little hands cannot access them.

2. Keep matches lighters and naked flames out of reach or in a safe place.

3. Never leave hot saucepans unattended when cooking food.

4. Make sure all toys are cleared off the kitchen floor before cooking.

5. Install a gate to prevent young children from coming in the kitchen while you are cooking.

6. Store cleaning fluids in a high cupboard out of the reach of children.

7. Check for sharp edges and if necessary install protective guards
source: www.seton.net.au

8. Keep all knives away from children

9. Keep strong spices away from children

10. Dispose of plastic bags by tying a knot in it to reduce the risk … Read More »

Safety Advice for kitchens

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The kitchen is one of the most dangerous rooms in the house and potentially a haven for accidents, fires, food poisoning and infestation. The key to preventing them is organisation, planning and plain common sense. Ensure there is enough space for you to walk around, the areas around heat sources are safe, the kitchen is clean,  food is properly stored and pests cannot get in.

Below are some top tips on how to keep safe in the kitchen.

Preventing accidents

1. Make sure all wires and electrics are tucked in or pushed to the back of the appliance to prevent tripping or falling over wires.

2. When cooking make sure saucepan handles are not hanging over the side of the hob.

3. Clean up all spills immediately.

4. Store knives in a wooden block or drawer.

5. Always use a stool on an even surface when reaching … Read More »

Choose the right cooker

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It is the jewel in the crown of the perfect kitchen and arguably the most important appliance of all – the humble cooker. There are many things that you need to consider before buying a new one. Below is a guide to choosing your perfect cooker.

1. Power Supply

Firstly decide how you want your cooker to be powered: – electricity or gas. There are several advantages and disadvantages to both. Decide what type of cooking you will be mainly using the appliance for and which power source best suits you and your home.

5 Things to consider when deciding which type of power supply you require

Would you need to install a gas supply to your home in order to run the cooker?

Do you have children or pets, who would be vulnerable to naked flames?

Would you use the hobs or the oven more … Read More »

Update 2014

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We have been busy here at Thornes Interiors. Aftter a busy and successful 2013 working with local property investors we are moving in to 2014 with hopes of yet another good year. We have just completed our second HMO (House with Multiple Occupancy) refurb for a local landlord which will be ready to let in the next couple of weeks when the last bits of furniture go in. Keep an eye out for pictures of the finished project soon.

Welcome to our brand new website!

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We have recently Invested in this brand new website. Thanks to the guys at PixelPusher2000.com for bringing us in to the ‘digital’ age in style! With our new ‘content managed’ site we are able to update the blog and portfolio and such ourselves which makes running the thing and keeping it up to date a lot easier. So please be sure to check back for regular examples of our work and updates and tips and such on the blog.


– Thanks.