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10 Useful Kitchen safety tips… (if you have kids!)

Posted on April 16th, by admin in Blog. No Comments

Here are ten top tips to remember around the kitchen if you have young ‘ens around!

1. Put childproof locks on all cupboards, cabinets and ovens, so little hands cannot access them.

2. Keep matches lighters and naked flames out of reach or in a safe place.

3. Never leave hot saucepans unattended when cooking food.

4. Make sure all toys are cleared off the kitchen floor before cooking.

5. Install a gate to prevent young children from coming in the kitchen while you are cooking.

Kids safety tips kitchen

6. Store cleaning fluids in a high cupboard out of the reach of children.

7. Check for sharp edges and if necessary install protective guards
source: www.seton.net.au

8. Keep all knives away from children

9. Keep strong spices away from children

10. Dispose of plastic bags by tying a knot in it to reduce the risk of suffocation.

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